Whether you’re an executive, an attorney, or just preparing a wedding toast – public speaking is the number one phobia in the United States, with nearly 25% of Americans claiming it as their biggest fear.

Even those who are comfortable speaking in public often question their own effectiveness and lasting impact.

For those who need help in overcoming this sometimes debilitating phobia… welcome to Speaking Freely.

Speaking Freely is an innovative consulting firm designed to assist professionals, attorneys, or anyone else looking to address their public speaking challenges and advance their careers as dynamic and effective speakers.

We offer consultation services and workshops in the art of live presentation where vocal skill, clarity, simplicity and confidence are key.

Our team consists of theatrical, legal and educational professionals with extensive experience, enthusiasm and an easygoing style suited to all skill levels.  Public Speaking is a challenge for many, but our collective 120 years of experience will provide you with tools that will last a lifetime.

So whether it’s a global conference, a convention speech, a new product launch or an opening or closing statement in court – we’ve got it covered.

Speaking Freely and Speaking Legally training, workshops or one-on-one coaching will help to enhance your ability, better market yourself or your firm, attract new clients and/or win legal cases and most of all:  build your confidence in speaking in front of a crowd.

It’s easier than you think.